Professor Rehav (Buni) Rubin

Rehav Rubin is a professor of historical geography at the department of geography at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was born and educated in Jerusalem, Israel. Studied Geography and Archaeology at the Hebrew University and graduated in 1986. His PhD combined these two fields of research and was about the: "Settlement Patterns and the Agricultural Base of Rehovot ba-Negev in the Byzantine Period, Jerusalem 1986, Supervised by Prof. Y. Ben-Arieh, Prof. Y. Tsafrir, Prof. R. Gerson.

After his graduation Rubin spent a post-doctoral year at the Department of Geography in the University of Maryland, under Prof. R. D. Mitchell. In the following year he was appointed as a lecturer in the Department of Geography at the Hebrew University, where he is a full professor now. During these years he served as supervisor of 22 MA and 6 PhD Students

Prof. Rubin was also a visiting scholar at the University of Oxford, taught at University College London as Goldsmith Visiting Professor, was a Visiting Scholar at Penn, University of Pennsylvania, and in 2017 taught as The Elman Family Visiting Professor of Israeli and Jewish Studies, at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

His main fields of research and teaching are:

  • Settlement in the Desert in late antiquity
  • History of cartography of Jerusalem and the Holy Land
  • History of Hebrew – Jewish maps and mapping
  • Relief maps and three dimensional models of Jerusalem and the Holy Land
  • Pilgrimage and sacred places
  • Historical Geography of the Holy Land/ Israel / Palestine